Why choose Xell as your Volusion Developer?

We will show you how wise you are when choosing Volusion as your webstore builder.

All features listed here are available in all the plans we offered.

1. Strong Infrastructure

Own Domain

Hosting your brand webstore on your own domain

SSL Secruity

World class security compatible with all SSL certificate check

Mobile Responsive

Free responsive template offered for get the best website display different devices

99% Uptime

Top-class server stability assured 99% uptime of your website

2. Complete Administration

Membership System

Both Member checkout or anonmyous checkout allowed

Detail Analytic Report

Pages from front page down to product page are all customizable

Analytic of site traffic available

Discount Coupon 

Offer unlimited coupon and various kinds of discount campaign 

3. Integraged Marketing Solution

Affiliate Sales System

Affiliate member able to boost website sales with auto-commission-payroll

Offer numerous pre-integrated payment gateway (paypal included)


Automated SEO system push your site on top rank hassle-free

Social Media Compatible

Website pages are all optimized for social sharing. 

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