Give your ecommerce website a boost with PPC

Our PPC clients average a 97% increase in revenue after 3 months

Keyword research
Taking into account your product descriptions, target audience and industry competitors, we research keywords to place your ads in-front of customers who are searching for your products. This ongoing analysis of keywords in place allows for constant optimization to improve the campaigns effectiveness.

Campaign optimization & analysis

The research phase involved in getting your account launched is only the beginning. Our team uses the ongoing wealth of data available in AdWords and analytics to hone in on KPI’s and improve the account’s performance.

Our PPC Strategy


Ad Copy Writing
Creating compelling copy makes your ad stand out on the page and invites the user to visit, browse and buy from your website. We always run multiple ads per ad group for a process that allows us to test which message best attracts and converts your customers.

Industry Experience

Google is constantly rolling out new features and requirements. We stay on top of those so that your campaigns can utilize Google’s newest features.

PPC Management Plan



Begins at


Begins at


Begins at

Interested in a Custom PPC plan? Let Volusion put together a quote for you!

Adwords Audit Services


Do you have an active AdWords account but feel like you need some help getting it on the right track? You're not alone! Many online store owners wish an expert would look at their campaigns and tell them what they need to fix to be successful. The AdWords Audit provides that dedicated account attention online store owners want!

The AdWords Audit can help if:


  • You are spending money on AdWords but not getting the return you'd like to see

  • You want to reduce your AdWords costs but still maintain your online presence

  • You are new to AdWords and want to make sure your account is setup correctly

  • You are worried you might not be following paid search best practices

  • Let our paid search experts give your AdWords account the check-up that it needs!










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